"Boots on the Ground" Akron -Teddy H.

"When I purchased my ticket to attend "Boots on the Ground" in Akron, I did not realize how special of a trip it would be. Traveling to the birthplace of Alcoholics Anonymous was an amazing one of a kind experience.  I have deep gratitude and honor to be involved in such an incredible program.

Like many things in AA, God provided an experience that I couldn't have possibly had inside my comfort zone. I had no idea how rich the history of AA is, especially before Bill and Bob had their first meeting.  Learning about the Oxford Group and other Spiritual Influences that led to our inception has deepened my understanding and appreciation for our program.

Experiencing the the history and stories of alcoholics helping each other has made me more enthusiastic to carry the message that has saved my life!  I am counting the days until the conference to find out what is NEXT...."

Teddy H.