Boots on the Ground Testimonial: "In the Lobby at the Mayflower..."

Heading to Akron, Ohio for our Boots on the Ground trip, I tried my best to have lots enthusiasm and no expectations…  

Walking into the Mayflower Hotel and picking up the telephone that Bill had called Dr. Bob on was something I definitely did not expect.  When Bill was in that lobby, he had a decision to make. Ebby had advised him that if he were to stay sober, he would need to reach out to other alcoholics, because this is what had worked for him. 

I stood in the lobby where Bill made a decision to call a list of people to see if any of them knew of an alcoholic as hopeless as he once was. He called all the names on the list till he reached Henrietta. She had been expecting his divinely inspired telephone call told him that she knew just the alcoholic he should talk to. It was Dr. Bob and just like that, Alcoholics Anonymous was born.

Near the end of the trip I remember Matt stating: “I couldn’t afford to go, but I couldn’t afford not to go.” Right when he stated that I had to agree.

-Jojo L.