What is "Boots on the Ground"?

Prior to our very first traveling conference, we realized quickly that we would need to get local AA members enthusiastically involved with the conference if it were to be a success.  We also needed to do some reconnaissance work to find a proper venue, hospitality options, etc.

This trip became known as "Boots on the Ground".  During these pre-conference trips, we go to tons of meetings, visit central offices, go to service meetings, visit institutions and fellowship with the locals.  It is a heavy dose of alcoholics anonymous and service.  We do it on our own dime, on our own time, so it requires a substantial sacrifice.  The rewards we have reaped from doing these trips is indescribable.  Real growth, change, and close bonds form due to the immense camaraderie and service.  

Boots on the Ground Testimonial

"Going to Akron was not mandatory. It wasn't required by my sponsor, nor was it the steps and I wasn't going to get drunk if I didn't go. It was something I did to have my own experience with Alcoholics Anonymous and God. The wealth of history in the archives where I learned about the Oxford Groups and all the people who were impacted that eventually led up to Bill and Bob meeting proved to me that God had a hand in their life.

The Historical sites where I got to sit at the table where Bill and Bob first met.  Listen to tapes of Henrietta Seiberling and the see the luxurious estate.  I found out that women had a much more significant role in the creation and writing of Alcoholics Anonymous than what is written in the Big Book.  Visiting Dr Bob's house was probably my favorite. The words in the story finally had vivid illustrations.  It taught me about sacrifice I have only recently been shown.  I can now aspire to this with a greater responsibility. 

Going to Akron has shown me that God not only had a hand in the lives before me but continues to have a hand in mine.  That gift is priceless.  Things like this happen when I take action.  I invite you to have your own experience."

~ Michelle L.

Don't forget to reserve your hotel room before they are all booked.  Keep in mind this is a heavy travelled weekend!! (July 4th)